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Manufacturers of Dust Conveyor.

Dust Cover

Howrah West Bengal in India Based Leo Industries is engaged in offering Dust Cover in various shapes and sizes as per the requirements of the customers. Having high strength and durability make our Dust Cover high quality yet competitive prices are guaranteed with us.


Dust Conver is a main part of the rollerit protect the bearing from the water and dust.


40mm to 110mm.


The easy maintenance dust cover offers a much improved sealing system above skirted areas along a conveyor belt. All interfaces between the cover and its adjoining surfaces incorporate a labyrinth seal design. This provides a much improved sealing arrangement keeping dust emissions down to an absolute minimum. The smooth roof shaped dust cover provides a surface where there is less chance for material hang ups, therefore keeping the covered areas safer and cleaner.
A single person can easily release each cover from its locked position by releasing two locking handles and rotating the hinged cover into its open position. The opened covers rotate around to lay flat and adjacent to the skirting system offering a temporary walkway from which access to the conveyor belt is made possible.
Incorporating the easy maintenance dust cover system eliminates the need to employ a crane to lift off heavy, hard to handle covers or any extra maintenance to deal with bolts and awkward wedges.
The innovative hinged cover design allows easy access to conveyor skirted areas for inspection and maintenance and can be retrofitted to any existing skirting system.